Der Rheingaus
Das Rebenhaus


The Rheingau is part of thirteen German wine growing regions producing quality wines. With about 3100 hectares only, it is one of the smallest in Germany. To compensate, the region can look back to a long history. Since over 900 years, wine is cultivated in this region. But the Rheingau does not only stand for famous domains and culture. You visit old castles, monasteries and fortresses.


Regional attractions

Worth a visit are, for example, is Schloss Johannisberg (St. Johannisberg Castle) in the homonymous district above Geisenheim, Schloss Vollrads in Oestrich-Winkel and the Eberbach monastery in Kiedrich. In all these places, you can taste and buy excellent wines from the wineries related to the property.

Naturally, there are the castles along the Rhine, starting with the Ehrenfels castle between Rüdesheim am Rhein and Assmanshausen. These are very exciting places and very worth a visit (

The Rheinsteig is a historic hiking route along the Rhine. Something for the sporty guests.

Otherwise, of course, we can recommend boat trips on the Rhine. When the weather is nice, it is an impressive experience.

Quite different, but also fun, are Segway outdoor tours, which lead among other things also through the vineyards below the Rebenhaus. They put routinely a stop here.